How to Decompile EX4 files? – EX4 Decompiler

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A decompiler is a program that draws a read-only file as the input and tries to produce high-quality readable code that can later be recompiled on another device successfully. A decompiler is the opposite of a compiler. The latter converts source code into machine code. Decompilers can also be used to deconstruct electronic code. 

Although it sounds simple, decompiling a computer without a decompiler is challenging because computer code is complex. Overall, compiling is the process where a programmer’s code (source code) is written into an executable file, a language that is understandable to computers. Therefore to obtain this code, you need the program’s code, which is why decompilation is needed.

Reasons for decompilation

Most requests to decompile EX4 files online are from traders who have bought a commercial Expert Advisor and are not satisfied with the product. Decompiling or breaking down the EX4 file results in an MQ4 file. A programmer can then take the MQ4 contents and make the necessary changes.

Most would-be decompilers aim to make simple harmless alterations to a file. Although a successful indicator can predict the market’s trend, it might not always be able to generate alerts at the best trading times. In this situation, new setup signals might be able to redeem users from spending too much time studying the charts. 

Most traders conclude they need to access the source code to be able to program their MQL indicator in their favor, which is a mistake.

The best way to decompile an EX4 file

If you wish to convert EX4 to MQ4, you need a decompiler because EX4 files are compiled equivalents of the MQ4 files. This process will almost always occur through the MetaTrader app. Decompiling EX4 to MQ4 is ideal if you are a builder wanting to develop your customized Indicator and insert effective investing skills from different data. This approach is by no means against the Forex laws.

All forex businesses have MT4, which has MetaEditor. Here, developers have the permission to code, compile and produce forex indicators or forex robots.

Decompiling EX4 to MQ4

Decompiling your EX4 to MQ4 will involve three steps:

  1. Load EX4 file to MQ4 file into your software program.
  2. Examine if this file is well secured or if it is damaged.
  3. The EX4 to MQ4 decompiler, a computer converter software, will use its reverse MetaEditor strategy to open the EX4 file codes as MQ4.

MetaQuotes Language 4 documents are quite pricey, and a huge chunk of the information on these documents is partially coded. You can access the resource code and modify or edit it using a decompiler. It is also possible to remove scripts and later compile the file to EX4 using MetaEditor.


Decompiling your EX4 file will produce an MQ4 file. This file is, however, not identical to the original MQ4 file. EX4 files are stripped of all the variable names during the process, then replaced with brand new computer names. In good programming, variables are named after their functions. Decompiled file versions rename variables to illogical random names, consequently damaging the logical flow of original MQ4 files.

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