How to convert EX4 to MQL4?

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The MetaQuotes Language 4 program allows users to create complete applications which they can sell, pass to someone else, or lease. Each corresponding application contains the EX4 file extension and is also safeguarded against unauthorized decompilation using a specialized software security system. The restriction applies to EX4 files disassembly, decompilation, and modification.

However, the answer to whether you can convert your EX4 file to MQL4 code is yes. You’ll need a decompiler because an EX4 file is just the compiled parallel of the MQ4 file, which contains MQL4. It is vital to uphold the previously mentioned regulations, copyrights, and intellectual property.

What is the decompiling process?

Decompiling is the process you use to obtain source code from an executable program. Programmers understand what this means because they are familiar with this jargon. If you are not well-versed in programming, this definition can be broken down further to help you understand.

The source code referenced in the definition refers to the lines of character (code) written by the programmer. Unless you are also a programmer, it is impossible to comprehend it. On the other hand, an executable file is understood by the computer. You get this file from compiling the source code. 

Compilation is crucial since computer language is not the same as human language, so you must translate the source code into a language that your machine can understand. In the same respect, you need to decompile to retrieve the source code from the executable file.

Common reasons why you might need a decompiler program

Below are some of the top reasons why you might need a decompiler to convert your EX4 to MQL4:

  • To recover a source code that you may have lost.
  • To improve, correct or/and modify your MetaTrader 4 program.
  • This reason is not legitimate or good, but some people decompile to appropriate other consumers’ work.
  • Decompiling is instrumental in helping you learn and understand MetaQuotes Language 4 programming. MT4 uses this language.

How to install a decompiler program

Installing a decompiler is relatively easy as you just have to insert the output into your PC to extract MQ4 using this program. This process will almost certainly happen entirely through the MetaTrader app.

  1. Once you open the decompiler that you have just installed, you need to;
  • Check the decompiler’s compatibility with all versions of Windows. This makes converting EX4 into a file accessible from any Windows edition more seamless.
  • Enable the MetaTrader box to use your MQ4 file in the MT software.
  • Confirm to ensure that your preferred EX4 file can be converted into any EX4 File version, including the latest version.
  1. Select “Input” to navigate to the EX4 file you saved before. After selecting this file, click on “Open.”
  2. Next, click “Decompile.” The software will carry out all the decompiling and coding on your behalf. 


After the last step, you should see the decompiled file, which you can use on your MT app. Also, remember that you don’t need a source code to implement notifications and alerts for your Indicator. Just be sure to work with an experienced and talented MetaTrader 4 programmer to develop a new indicator.

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