How to Open MQ5 File?

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An MQ5 file is written for an online trading platform known as MetaTrader. Its source code is written in MetaQuotes Language 5, including variables, classes, comments, and functions that can be all composed into an EX5 file. MQ5 files are a replacement for the MQ4 files, thanks to the MT5’s release.

Users can open and edit an MQ5 file using MetaEditor. The latter is an editor used to create technical indicators and trading robots. It is included in MetaTrader. MetaEditor also compiles MQ5 into EX5 Expert Advisor files. This process has several stages, including semantic analysis, parsing, code generation, code organization, and lexical scan. 

The purpose of MetaTrader is t trade and analyze Forex, CFDs, Futures, and Stock.

Extensions related to MQL5

  • MetaTrader 4 Backup Data
  • MetaTrader MetaQuotes Language 4 File
  • MetaTrader MetaQuotes Language 4 Header
  • MetaTrader 5 Program
  • MetaTrader 5 Tick Data
  • MetaTrader MetaQuotes Language 4 Template

How to open MQ5

If you are experiencing issues opening MQ5 files on your system, it can be resolved quickly, and you don’t need to be an IT expert. Follow these steps to open your MQ5 files.

Step 1: Install the MetaEditor Software

Installing MetaEditor is an easy process. You just have to select the software and then download it from a good source. Once downloaded, install it into your system. On top of this page, you’ll find a list containing all programs grouped depending on the supported operating systems. 

A great tip to avoid most risks is downloading the software using the links from the official distributors. So, go to the MetaEditor site to download the installer.

Step 2: Check the MetaEditor version and, if necessary, update it

If you have issues downloading MQ5 even after installing MetaEditor, perhaps your software is outdated. Go to the developer’s website and ascertain whether a new MetaEditor version is available. Sometimes when software creators update their apps, they add compatibility with different newer formats. 

In case your version of MetaEditor is older, it may be unable to support the MQ5 format. 

Step 3: Associate MetaEditor with MQ5 files

If the previous step also doesn’t work, you should assign the file with the most recent version of MetaEditor on your device. This method is simple and differs slightly depending on the OS. Below are the steps to follow to change the default application on your device:


  • Select “Open with” from your File menu, which you’ll open by right-clicking on the MQ5 file.
  • Select “Choose another app,” then click on “More apps.”
  • Choose “Look for another app on this PC,” go to the folder containing the MetaEditor app, then check the Always use this app to open MQ5 files box. Confirm by clicking on “OK.”

Mac OS

  • Right-click on the relevant MQ5 file and choose “Information.”
  • Go to “Open with,” and click on the title to view available options if it is closed.
  • Choose MetaEditor and select “Change for all…
  • After the previous step, you’ll see a “This change will be applied to all files with MQ5 extension” message. Finally, click “Continue” to complete the process.


Although you might encounter some issues while trying to open the MQ5 file, remember that most are usually easy to resolve. By following the steps provided above, you should be able to open the file shortly. If none of them still works, check the MQ5 file for errors, as these might be why it refuses to open.

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