What are Forex Signals?

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Forex signals are a necessary innovation in the financial industry. They efficiently solve the most complex tasks that forex traders have to perform; identifying the ideal trading opportunities at the appropriate time. A forex signal is a trading recommendation or idea on a specific financial asset that is supposed to be executed at a pre-established time and price.

Regardless of trading experience and skill, forex signals can help to enhance your trading. Additionally, if you already have experience, you can use them to boost your profit margins. If you are a novice, they can help you earn some profit while still learning to navigate the market. Signals aid in hastening your learning curve. 

Behind every trade suggestion you receive, there is a complete insight into the trading option. Remember that, in forex trading, a signal is only viable when you receive it on time. 

Kinds of forex signals

1. Free forex signals 

You can either get forex signals for free or at a fee. Some providers offer a combination of both. Free forex signals are ideal when you are a new trader just starting. It is also the route to go if you are trying to gauge the performance of different services. 

Some providers allow you to access free signals for a trial period. You, therefore, have the urgency to try out the service and, on seeing the results decide whether you want to invest in it or not.

2. Paid forex signals

When you decide to subscribe under a paid forex signal service provider, you could be charged a flat yearly or monthly subscription or percentage fee depending on performance. The recommendations are conveyed to you through various forms depending on your preferences or the software. Some of the avenues to receive these signals are Skype, email, SMS, and WhatsApp. 

Top-tier providers offer detailed information on why the suggested action is the most appropriate at that particular moment. The ideas also come along with fundamental and technical analysis. Your provider should constantly update you with information that you can incorporate into your trading decision-making process.

3. Manual forex signals

Manual signals are typically provided by professional traders possessing an in-depth understanding of the markets. They also undertake fundamental and technical analyses to support their recommendations. Some people perceive manual signals as superior because seasoned traders account for all factors affecting a currency pair.

4. Automated forex signals

An automated forex signal is a recommendation that you could choose to execute or not. Trading robots/algorithms generate automated forex signals. Also known as “Algo trading,” seasoned traders use it for additional market interpretation.

How to use forex signals

Whenever your provider’s forex signal system publishes a new signal, it will send an alert to your smartphone or email. Once you get it and decide that the trade idea is viable, you can base your trading decision on it.


Whichever type of forex signals you decide to work with can help you improve your trading skills. Do remember that FX trading has its share of risks and that there are no guaranteed profits. The signals are there to help mitigate some risk.

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