What is EX4? EX4 Extension

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An EX4 file is defined as a compiled program written for MetaTrader. MT is a platform that has been created to facilitate Forex trading, Futures trading, and CFD markets trading online. EX4 is compiled by the MetaEditor, found in the MetaTrader software. It has executable code and may contain an Expert Advisor, scripts, or indicators. If you want to open this file, you must first place it in the “Indicators” file.

The code in EX4 is compiled from various MQ4 files. Some EX4 on computers contain pre-written files that have the MetaTrader software. On the other hand, some can be customized files written for the MT software. Lastly, EX4 files have Expert Advisor Files and are executable via the trading platform app.

What do you need to open your EX4 file?

There are some issues that users may encounter with their file extensions when trying to open their EX4 files on macOS or Windows. If you want to solve these problems in the first place, the following conditions are necessary:

  • You must install supported software programs for your MetaTrader 4 to be able to open an EX4 file.
  • You need the corresponding default MetaQuotes Software program for your EX4 file.

 Best Tips for opening EX4 files

The first action when trying to open EX4 is to double-click on the file extension. If that fails, there are several approaches to try. You could use different programs to open various file extensions, and it is quite simple to tell which one is compatible with a specific EX4 file.

Below are four tips that will make it easier to open your EX4 file and save you from unnecessary issues.

1. Choose the right program

The first tip is to select the right program for opening an EX4 file. One of the most commonly used programs is the MQL 4 Compiled Expert Advisor. At the very least, this program will ensure that you open EX4 seamlessly.

2. Consult the developer

If you are conflicted about how to open EX4, you can get in touch with the software developer to make the process easier. Once in contact with the developers, they’ll guide you on how to open the file using their program.

3. Consider the file type

Different programs are used to open EX4 depending on the file type. It is possible to find information on the type of EX4 file from the file’s properties. For Windows PC users, right-click on this file, click on “Properties,” then search under “Type of File.” If you are using a MacBook, right-click on the EX4file, then select “More Info,” where you’ll discover the file type under “Kind.”


If using an EX4 file extension, there are high chances that it is under the Executable Files type category. That means you should be able to open your EX4 program because it is used for Executable files. If you cannot open the file entirely, the best approach is to use a universal file viewer. If the EX4 file is incompatible, it will still appear in binary format.

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